The Tahoe Nature Chase
Tahoe Nature Chase Instructions

To register for the Tahoe Nature Chase (TNC) please follow these instructions:
  1. To participate in the Tahoe Nature Chase, please visit the TNC homepage at
  2. On the right side of the TNC homepage, you will see the Login and Register buttons. Please click "Register."
  3. Read through the participation rules, release and indemnity agreement, and personal consent information. Once read, please select the two agreement squares at the bottom and "continue with registration." (Youth under 16 years of age must provide a guardian name)
  4. Fill out the required information under "Register for the TNC." Once completed, please select "register" botton.
  5. You should now be logged in as a participant of the TNC.
  6. If you are ever logged out, you can always log back in by visiting the TNC homepage and clicking the "Login" button on the right side of the screen.

To submit an observation, please follow these instructions:
  1. Once registered as a TNC participant, under the TNC homepage, you will see the following tabs: Home, Challenges, My Observations, and Leaderboard. Please select "My Observations."
  2. You will now be able to view the current month's monthly challenges.*
  3. You can view more details about a challenge by moving your mouse over the question mark in the top right corner of each challenge.
  4. Select which challenge you have completed by clicking "add."
  5. Please fill out the location of where you observed the challenge under the "location" textbox. If you want to write details about your observation, you can do so under the "Notes" text box. If you had the opportunity to capture a photo of the challenge, please upload the picture by clicking the "choose file" button. You can upload up to two photos.
  6. Please select "submit" once finished adding your completed challenge.
  7. Once completed, your challenge will turn from gray to a different color, depending on which category that challenge falls under, and your points totals will reflect your new monthly and overall total.

* There are four nature-observation categories each month, containing three different challenges within that category. In addition, there is a Bonus category containing one additional challenge. In total, one can complete a maximum of 13 challenges per month. The categories include Plants, Birds, Wildlife Grab Bag, and Earth Science. The three challenges within each category will be of varying difficulty. Easy challenge = 1 point, medium difficulty challenge = 2 points, and difficult challenge = 3 points. Bonus challenges = 3 points. The maximum "score" one may achieve each month is 27 points.